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Open New Markets, Career Extentions, Starring Roles

Are you limiting your possibilities?  If you can read this you have the potential to expand your horizons.   Speaking Engish fluently will open up a new world for you, with your credentials, training and experience the world will become your oyster. 

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Exponentially Increase Your Net Worth

Corporations & Large Businesses:  Imagine the possibilities that will be opened to you when essential management and staff are able to converse fluently in English.  New suppliers, more sales, an immediate increase in the potential markets can become accessible.  You now have access to the option of having all  designated employees  speak English fluently.  The investment is a pittance of your potential returns.  Get more details here.

Professionals:  If you are a doctor, lawyer, architect, IT professional this is your opportunity to explore the possibilities available to you.  New jobs, new homes in English speaking countries of your choice an endless list of new and exciting  career choices.  The programs for professionals include one on one or group coaching designed to have you speaking fluently in a short period of time.  Please be advised that this program is on a first come first served basis and we are very close to our functional capacity.  Find out more about this program Here.

Celebrity Program:  Actors, Television personalities, Sports Enthusiasts, and Public Speakers, can within six months open new doors in English speaking countries.  If you are an established celebrity you know the pressure of speaking with an English reporter puts you on the spot by asking questions in English.  Your fans would instantly increase if you could respond in your native language but also in English where you will reach a wider audience of followers.  There would me more possibilities of endorsements contracts, and travel to  English speaking countries with be less stressful.  The one-on-one individual program would have you speaking English in six months.  

Students & Individuals



Speak Excellent English has helped literally thousands of students,  teachers and university professors speak more fluent English.  S.E.E. a early pioneer in the use of technology and social media  long distance learning tools capable of reaching millions globally.

S.E.E. followers include over 40,000 members on Speak Excellent English  Facebook group, on WizIq (online learning site), and  Skype. Recently an SEE Facebook Page was established to provide even more value to our free members. Like our page above. 



S.E.E. paid membership site provides greater value to the committed non native English speaker who is a committed learner. It is not for the casual learner; it is more intensive and requires more dedicated time listening to videos reading files and practicing.

On this private membership site you are able to access our discussion forum, get paid webinars for free, and get questions answered from the moderator or other learners. Find out more about Paid Membership Here.

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"Dear Priscilla, My heartfelt thanks to u for teaching such an excellent way . I was marveled at your strategic teaching. Really it was more than my expectation, Lots of gratitude to u …………… best regards" Manabendra Sarker

""Dear Priscilla, thank you for this wonderful class ,your accent in english is excellent, you speak english with moderation & fluency , that makes a learner easy to understand everything . Please keep it up. thank you priscilla"

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